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Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2003 (Revoked)

This rule was revoked on 21 September 2017. 
See the Land Transport Rule: Setting of Speed Limits 2022

This rule establishes procedures for road controlling authorities to set enforceable speed limits on roads within their jurisdictions.

Rule versions

  • The ‘Current rule’ will give you the most up-to-date version of the Rule and any amendments made to it. We recommend this as your reference point if you want to read the most current information.
  • The ‘Original rule and amendments’ will give you the very first version of the rule (as it was when it was first created) as well as links to all amendments made to it over time. We recommend this page as your reference page if you want to research the history of the rule.

Note: Both of these pages will also provide links to the consultation material – such as summary of submissions and FAQs (questions and answers) – for each version and amendment.

Questions and answers

Questions and answers are provided to accompany a new rule or amendment when they are signed. These and other consultation documents on this page have not been updated to take into account any later rule amendments and are retained for historic interest only.

Land Transport Rules - Questions & answers

Q&A for amendment Rules 2007  

How did these amendment Rules originate?

These amendment Rules make minor changes to existing Land Transport Rules. They were consulted on in the draft Land Transport Rule: Omnibus Amendment 2006 (the draft Omnibus Amendment Rule).

Following consultation, the provisions in the draft Omnibus Amendment Rule were split into 11 separate amendment Rules. One of the amendment Rules, Land Transport Rule: Traffic Control Devices Amendment 2006, was signed on 5 September 2006, and came into force on 6 October 2006. Seven amendment Rules were signed into law by the Minister for Transport Safety on 30 May 2007 and came into force on 29 June 2008. On 21 August 2007, the Minister for Transport Safety signed two further Rules – Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2007 (Rule 61001/2) and Land Transport Rule: Vehicle Standards Compliance Amendment (Rule 35001/3), with a coming-into-force date of 1 October 2007.

What are the amendment Rules signed by the Minister?

The amendment Rules signed to date are:

Why were the amendment Rules made?

The amendment Rules make relatively minor changes to Rules. The amendments are required:

  • to update Rules as a result of changes to other New Zealand legislation, including other Rules;
  • to clarify requirements in Rules;
  • to update standards and other material incorporated by reference in Rules;
  • to make minor technical or editing changes; and
  • to correct minor errors in Rules. 

Was the public consulted on the amendments?

Yes. In June 2006, about 2200 groups and individuals on the Rules consultation database were advised either by letter or an email notice of the proposed changes and invited to make submissions. Printed copies of the draft Rule and overview were made available to people on request and the draft Rule, overview and related material were also available on the Land Transport NZ website.

Public notices seeking submissions were placed in the metropolitan and selected regional daily papers, and in Te Karere National News and the Minister’s intention to make the amendment Rules was notified in the New Zealand Gazette. NZ Transport Agency received 50 submissions on the draft Omnibus Amendment Rule. 

What is the legal basis for the amendment Rules?

The Land Transport Act 1998 allows the Minister of Transport to make Land Transport Rules. Rules are drafted in plain English and go through an extensive consultation process with interested groups and the public. This is to ensure that they are easily understood and are widely complied with. Rules are usually prepared by NZ Transport Agency under contract to the Ministry of Transport and, like regulations, have the force of law.

Where can I get copies of Land Transport Rules?

Final rules are available on the website. Printed copies of most Land Transport Rules can be purchased from selected bookshops throughout New Zealand that sell legislation, or from the Rule printers and distributors, Wickcliffe Ltd, (telephone 06 353 2700). Rules may also be inspected at regional offices of NZ Transport Agency.

Because Land Transport (Road User) Amendment Rule 2007 was drafted by the Parliamentary Counsel Office, and not NZ Transport Agency, it has a different printer. Copies of this Rule can be purchased at bookshops retailing legislation or from Legislation Direct (04 568 0005).

How does NZ Transport Agency make sure people know about the amendment Rules?

Newsletters outlining the changes made in the amendment Rules are sent to groups and individuals who registered their interest in the Rules that have been amended. Stakeholders and industry groups likely to be directly affected by specific amendments also receive information on the changes.

In addition, NZ Transport Agency will update any Factsheets or other information material available on the NZ Transport Agency website to reflect the changes in the amendment Rules.

How can I get more information about the amendment Rules?

You can contact the NZ Transport Agency help desk on 0800 699 000 for more information about the Rules.