Waka Kotahi is committed to ensuring our land transport activities are sustainable in the long term and meet the needs of current and future generations.

To do this, we work within the requirements of guiding legislation and government strategies and frameworks. As shown in the diagram below, we also have our own internal strategies and frameworks, including Toitū Te Taiao – Our Sustainability Action Plan, Te Ara Kotahi – our Māori Strategy and our Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy. For more about the legislation and high-level policy context, read our Environmental and social legislation and policy page.

Environmental and social legislation and policy
Toitū Te Taiao – Our Sustainability Action Plan
Te Ara Kotahi – Our Māori Strategy
Environmental and Social Responsibility Policy [PDF, 129 KB]


* Includes the Government Policy Statement on land transport

Supporting the legislation and high-level policies, we have developed operational policies, standards, specifications and guidance so that we and our project and maintenance teams know what is required to meet policy, strategic and legislative requirements.

Environmental plan

Our Environmental plan provides our approach to implementing our environmental and sustainability policies in relation to the planning, design, operation and maintenance of Aotearoa New Zealand’s state highway network. It is also available to help and guide other land transport operators.

Environmental plan: improving environmental sustainability and public health in New Zealand

Operational policy for specific technical areas

We are in the process of developing operational policies for the different environmental technical areas. These can be found in the specific technical area sections, along with their own standards, specifications and guidance.

Environmental technical areas

Z/19 Taumata Taiao – Environmental and Sustainability Standard

Taumata Taiao sets out the process and requirements that give effect to our environmental and sustainability policies, other strategic objectives, outcomes and legal requirements during the development and management of the land transport system. It applies throughout the lifecycle of our infrastructure delivery, including maintenance and operations.

Z/19 Taumata Taiao – Environmental and Sustainability Standard

Environmental screen

The environmental screen is a key deliverable of Taumata Taiao and contains a checklist of questions designed to identify whether an option could have environmental and sustainability opportunities and sensitivities.

Environmental screen

Environmental management plans

Environmental management plans (EMPs) are an essential tool to manage environmental risk during construction, operation and maintenance of land transport infrastructure, and all project teams are required create and follow one.

Environmental management plans