New Zealand guide to temporary traffic management (NZGTTM)

The New Zealand guide to temporary traffic management (NZGTTM) outlines how to use a risk-based approach to plan and mitigate the risks to road workers and road users to keep them safe.

The guide provides advice to organisations on how to put risk assessment and planning first before decisions on control types and equipment are made. The new risk-based approach ensures that TTM setups are as safe as possible for the specific risks at each site.

It will be useful for road construction and maintenance, events, emergency response or any activity where a temporary road design is required.

NZTA is working with its construction suppliers to roll out the risk-based approach to TTM at worksites on state highways. This work includes changes to contracts, a new way of training, and monitoring to ensure the new way of working meets both safety and cost efficiency outcomes.

Applying the risk-based approach will help deliver more efficient and effective TTM while keeping roadworkers and road users safe, improving value for money and minimising disruption to people’s journeys.

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