Safe riding tips

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Due to your lack of protection, motorcycle and moped riders have a higher risk of death or injury than drivers of other vehicles but there are simple steps you can take to set yourself up for a safe ride.

Motorcycle rider risks

As a motorcyclist you’re at higher risk of crashing when: 

  • you’re riding around a curve 
  • you’re at an intersection when you or another vehicle is turning right.

The most common causes of crashes involving motorcycles include:

  • swinging wide on bends (leading to a head-on crash)
  • pulling out to pass too quickly or cutting in after passing
  • losing control of the motorcycle
  • collisions at intersections with turning, side-on, merging and in-front traffic
  • collisions with objects, such as parked cars.

Steps for safe riding

  • Ride your own ride. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with the group or ride beyond your ability – arriving in one piece is more important.   
  • Wear all the gear, all the time. Full protective gear including a helmet is your only protection in a crash.
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  • Make sure you ride sober and rested.
  • Take corners slow and accelerate out when you can see that the exit is clear.
  • Ride with your headlight on dip (low beam) during the day to make you and your motorcycle more noticeable.
  • Keep your distance. If someone makes a mistake or you spot a hazard, space gives you time to react and somewhere to go.
  • Ride defensively.  
  • Ride to the conditions. 
  • Ride within the speed limit.

Improve your skills

Ride Forever offers on-road motorcycle coaching courses suitable for all levels of riders. Analysis has shown that Ride Forever trained riders crash less often than other motorcyclists. 

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Safety starts with making sure you’re a fully licenced and legal motorcycle rider.

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