If you're interested in providing approved driver licensing courses for licence classes or endorsements, you must be a registered assessor with the appropriate industry training organisation (see below) for the relevant course unit standards.

For all course types (except tracks, wheels, or rollers), contact:

For tracks, wheels, and rollers endorsement courses, contact:

In addition to becoming a registered assessor:

  • You must also satisfy NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi (NZTA) that you have sufficient relevant industry experience in relation to the course type for which approval is sought. This experience must be within the past 5 years in either an operational or training setting. If you are unsure whether you have sufficient experience, you should contact the driver licensing auditor at your local NZTA office.

  • If you are conducting approved courses for classes 2, 3, 4, or 5, you must also hold a driving instructor endorsement for the appropriate class of vehicle.
    Driving instructor endorsement

  • Where the application is for approval to conduct any of the class 2–5 or V endorsement courses, you must provide evidence of having successfully completed either of the following unit standards:

    • 7097 (Facilitate interactive learning sessions for adults); or

    • 17975 (Plan, conduct, and review interactive group learning for trainee drivers).

  • Where application is for the forklift endorsement course, must provide evidence of holding a current OSH operators or trainers certificate.

  • Complete the course provider approval application form.

Contact us for more information

Read Factsheet 66: Driver licensing courses for licence classes and endorsements [PDF, 236 KB]

Make an application to become a course provider

If you meet the criteria in the approval criteria document, you're invited to make an application to become a Transport Agency-approved course provider.

Send your completed application form, together with the listed support documentation to NZTA. You can find these details on the application form.

Application to become an approved course provider form [PDF, 235 KB]

If your application is for an organisation you will also need to complete a Notification of assessor form for each assessor. Send these and the required documentation, along with the completed application form.

Notification of assessor to conduct driver licensing courses [PDF, 262 KB]

Knowledge based skills test(s)

On satisfying NZTAs entry requirements you will be required to undertake a knowledge based skills test on the content of the ‘Statement of Approval Conditions governing the delivery of the NZ Transport Agency Waka Kotahi approved driver licensing courses’ (SoAC) document.

Download a copy of the SoAC document

The purpose of this testing is for you to demonstrate to NZTA that you have the skills to understand and interpret the various clauses in the SoAC as they apply to the delivery of Waka Kotahi approved driver licensing courses.