Set below are a range of tools and guides to help calculate the impact of transport on the environment, including vehicle fuel efficiency, age and emissions.

Links to tools

  • Air quality calculator is the Transport Agency screening model for estimating air quality near roadways, which combines the contribution of the road together with the background air quality to arrive at a cumulative concentration.
  • Air quality map is an interactive map shows background air quality concentrations across New Zealand for two key pollutants – PM10 and NO2.
  • Assessment methodology for road particulates provides a method for calculating the degree of risk from exposure to dust particulates.
  • Background air quality guide has been released (as a draft) for applying the default air quality values to project assessments and how to assess whether predicted air quality impacts from a road project, combined with background air quality, is likely to result in air quality standards or guidelines being exceeded. 
  • Construction noise calculator provides calculations for noise from construction activity making reference to BS 5228.
  • Emissions from the vehicle fleet(external link) are provided in the Ministry of Transport’s vehicle fleet statistics.
  • Energy and fuel use(external link) by transport, from Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment.
  • Internal noise calculator allows the internal noise level to be estimated based on the building construction and a specified external noise level.
  • Noise barrier cost calculator provides an estimate of the costs of noise barriers, intended for use when comparing mitigation options during an assessment under NZS 6806.
  • Noise metrics tool shows different metrics, and provides an indication of the value of each metric based on an input noise level and road type.
  • Road-traffic noise screening tool is to identify those project options where mitigation is definitely not required under NZS 6806.
  • Road traffic noise calculator predicts road-traffic noise in situations without complex topography.
  • Transport-related air quality monitoring system collates data from the Transport Agency and regional councils. This webpage allows users to view and export the summary air quality data by region and air pollutant, as well as the site metadata.

Links to guides

Link to state highways technical advice

  • Technical advice notes are formal memos which keep people up to date and aware of any new releases, interim acceptances, changes and updates to technical information, specifications, legislation, etc. in relation to State highways projects, including environmental issues.


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