An important part of the planning and investing process is the monitoring of the government’s investment in the land transport system. We monitor our own activities and those of organisations funded through the National Land Transport Fund. It’s about ensuring New Zealanders benefit from effective and responsive solutions, which give them value for money.

Browse data and reports on the performance of the land transport system. Local authority, regional and national information is available.


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Public funding provides for almost all land transport services and infrastructure in New Zealand – and we're accountable to New Zealanders for how we invest that funding. This means closely monitoring costs and showing that services and infrastructure we've invested in fulfil their intended purpose.

What we monitor

Both central and local government have a responsibility to contribute to economic, social and environmental outcomes. Monitoring allows us to do this, checking that:

  • transport delivers the results intended, activity by activity
  • organisations that receive public funds for investigating, planning, implementing, operating and maintaining transport infrastructure use good practice and are accountable for their use of public funds
  • appropriate procurement (purchasing) procedures are used for infrastructure and services projects involving public funds
  • the costs associated with publicly funded activities are appropriate.

How we monitor

Monitoring involves collecting transport-related information, storing it securely, analysing it and making it available to the planners, engineers, politicians and those who decide the future direction of transport in New Zealand.

Our monitoring activity involves:

  • monitoring and reporting on the performance of the land transport system
  • auditing organisations that receive public funds for developing, operating and maintaining land transport infrastructure and services
  • checking that appropriate procurement procedures are used for projects involving public funds
  • checking that good practice is being used when activities are implemented
  • monitoring the costs associated with publicly funded activities, through procedural audits
  • carrying out post implementation reviews to check that the forecast results are being delivered
  • that value for money objectives are being achieved.

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