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This page relates to the 2018-21 National Land Transport Programme.


The investment management activity class is described in the Government Policy Statement on Land Transport(external link) (GPS) as investment in transport planning, in sector research and in funding allocation management. See below for links to definitions and guidance for each work category within this activity class.

Government expectations

The government has set out its expectations of the land transport system in the GPS.

These include results from investments in investment management funded from the National Land Transport Fund.


  • Short- to medium-term results

    For investment management, the government expects:

    • renewed strategic focus to have the greatest impact on reducing death and serious injury (including developing a new road safety strategy and action plan in the next 12-18 months)
    • a more accessible and better-integrated transport network including public transport, walking and cycling
    • improved land use and transport planning to create more liveable cities
    • improved targeting of resilience risk and vulnerabilities through the use of an integrated whole-of-system approach which may include investment in non-transport infrastructure where this has clear transport benefits
    • reduced greenhouse gas emissions from land transport using a whole-of-system approach
    • a more rigorous and transparent investment appraisal system
    • enhanced reporting, monitoring and evaluation on GPS 2018 investment
    • better integrated transport research across government.
    • more effective and efficient investment from innovation in systems, standards, procurement and technology.
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  • Long-term results

    For investment management, the government expects:

    • a significant reduction in deaths and serious injuries
    • metropolitan and high growth urban areas are better connected and accessible
    • improved network resilience for the most critical connections
    • reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transport
    • better informed investment decision-making
    • improved returns.
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Qualifying for National Land Transport Programme consideration

To qualify for consideration for inclusion in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) and subsequent approval of funding:

  • Any proposed activity is eligible if it meets the definition of the investment management activity class in the GPS and the appropriate work category definition in this knowledge base (PIKB)
  • All regionally delivered investment management activities proposed for inclusion in the NLTP must be included in a regional land transport plan (RLTP)
  • Organisations must comply with Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency’s Procurement manual(external link) and procurement rules, as well as any relevant standards and guidelines as listed in the Waka Kotahi Register of Network Standards and Guidelines(external link).

Investment management activities described in the following work categories are eligible for inclusion.

Development of investment management activities

Guidance on developing investment management activities is provided for each of the work categories in this activity class. See the list of investment management work categories in the section above. 

Assessment of investment management activities

Waka Kotahi uses the Investment Assessment Framework (IAF) to assess investment management activities, see Assessment of investment management activities.