aerial view of Rolleston road

Project introduction

Plans for transport improvements through Rolleston will result in safer access and better connections for more people. Travel times through and around Rolleston will be much more consistent, reliable and predictable, so it’s easier for people to get around to move goods and do business.

  • Estimated project dates

    Apr 2021–Dec 2030
  • Estimated project cost

    $125 million - includes contingencies
  • Project type

    Road improvements
  • Project status


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Project overview

This project will provide a direct flyover connecting Rolleston township with business/industrial areas, improved safety at high-risk highway intersections and a more resilient and sustainable transport network. Travel through and around Rolleston will be safer for people and travel times will be more consistent, reliable and predictable.

Following two years of ongoing investigations informed by two rounds of public consultation, we’re recommending a straight flyover connection. It’s a shorter and more intuitive travel route. Emergency services and cyclists tell us a direct connection is their preference. The bridge rise will feel like Prestons Road Bridge in Redwood. The bridge structure is not as large and complex to build – 114m versus 166m long – which is better for the environment and the community.

Highway intersection improvements in the plan include a new two-lane roundabout which will help to address a serious crash hotspot at the SH1, Dunns Crossing and Walkers Roads intersection.

Upgrades to rail include adding a new third rail yard track and run-around area for trains heading south.

Take a fly through the recommended SH1 Rolleston Transport Improvements

  • What changes are you planning to make?

    The main improvements to the highway and rail are:

    • a new two-lane roundabout at Dunns Crossing/Walkers Roads intersection
    • safety improvements to SH1 intersections – changing Rolleston Drive South, Brookside Drive, and Tennyson Street to left-in left-out only at the highway
    • a southbound service lane for people exiting SH1 to Rolleston town centre, highway amenities, and suburbs
    • a straight flyover connecting Rolleston township and industrial areas between Rolleston Drive North and Jones Road
    • a free left turn from Hoskyns Road onto the highway (after the rail crossing)
    • a new third rail yard track and run-around area for trains heading south.
  • Why are these changes needed?

    Selwyn District continues to grow rapidly. Based on current travel choices, SH1 through Rolleston could increase from around 24,000 to 33,000 vehicles over the next 20 years or so. Even with improvements to public transport we expect traffic will continue to increase.

    Traffic volume on the highway is almost at ‘tipping point’. This means even a small amount of extra traffic could trigger very long delays at the Hoskyns Road and Rolleston Drive North signals.

    Increasing traffic will make it harder for people to get between Rolleston township and industrial areas, leading to long delays at the signals, rat-running, risk taking and increasing safety issues at uncontrolled intersections.

    Also, the high safety risk to people at Hoskyns Road level crossing is unacceptable and needs to be addressed. Because the highway is close to the rail line there are short-stacking issues so longer vehicles are unable to queue safely at the level crossing barrier. This causes queues, delays, and serious safety concerns – approximately 40 near-misses – resulting in KiwiRail restricting freight trains to an inefficient 40km/h. An increase in rail activity is also resulting in more traffic hold-ups at the Hoskyns Road level crossing.

    Increasing traffic volumes are also making it difficult for people to safely turn right or cross the state highway at Walkers/Dunns Crossing Roads, Rolleston Drive South, Brookside Road and Tennyson Street. There have already been fatal and serious crashes at these intersections and we want to improve safety to avoid more happening in the future.


Better together

We’re working with mana whenua, KiwiRail, Selwyn District Council and others who want Rolleston to be a great place to live. As part of planning, we’ve considered nearby areas and future projects. While some projects have different timing and delivery, they will all work together to strengthen Selwyn District’s transport network.