SH44 Moturoa safety improvements

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Project Introduction

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency upgraded the intersection of SH44 at the Moturoa shops to improve safety for all users.

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    Safety improvements
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The intersection of SH44 at the Moturoa shops has poor visibility and its layout can be confusing for users.  After considering a number of options for improving the intersection, we have decided to build a half roundabout and install a signalised a pedestrian crossing.


  1. Improves road safety and operation of the intersection for all users.
  2. Clarifies the local connections with SH44 whilst ensuring priority for through traffic on SH44.
  3. Maintains or improves the role of Moturoa shops as a place.

About the project

SH44 is the key freight route connecting the Port to the wider Taranaki region and beyond, with associated economic implications.

The SH44 intersection at the Moturoa shops serves a range of users and functions, including local traffic, public transport and cyclists, as well as being a local shopping village with associated parking and pedestrian needs.

After consulting with key stakeholders, local businesses and the community on a number of options for improving the intersection, we are creating a half roundabout at the intersection of SH44, Lawry Street and South Road.

The current pedestrian crossing on St Aubyn Street will also be replaced with a signalised crossing.