Project introduction

Work on a new two-lane bridge, to replace the SH7 Ahaura River Bridge, will begin in January 2020.

  • Estimated project cost

    $25 million
  • Project type

    Bridge replacement
  • Project status


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The SH7 Ahaura River Bridge replacement project replaces one of the last single-lane bridges on SH7 in Grey District.

A modern 218 metre two-lane bridge will be built downstream of the existing one and the road through the township will remain in its current location.

The construction period will be around 18 months. Once the new bridge has opened, the old bridge will be deconstructed over a three-month period, given its ongoing need for maintenance.

The project includes approximately 450 metres of new highway and 218 metres of improvements to the existing highway, including easing the curve at the north end of the bridge into the township.

Works include a pedestrian path on the upstream side of the new bridge, linking the south to the Ahaura township, improvements to kerb and channels, a shoulder for cyclists, pedestrian crossing facilities and intersection layout.

The replacement bridge will increase the resilience and reliability of SH7, improve journey times for commuters and improve road safety for all users.

Satellite map showing plan for replacement Ahaura River Bridge.

Plan for the replacement Ahaura Bridge with the rail bridge closer to the Grey River and the existing road bridge to the right. Download the plan [PDF, 4.6 MB]

Project benefits

  • Increased resilience and reliability of State Highway 7
  • More predictable and improved journey times for commuters
  • Increased capacity
  • Improved walking and cycling facilities