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Minimum standard Z/44 - Risk management practice guide

Published: | Category: Manuals | Audience: General

This minimum standard has been developed to promote a consistent and uniform approach to the provision of risk management services from suppliers delivering NZ Transport Agency contracts.

Z/44 is a requirements-based standard aligned with Transport Agency usage of AS/NZS ISO 31000.  It focuses more on ‘what’ is required, and less on ‘how’ the risk management services are provided by suppliers.

Note: The revised risk register template published below is an interim version, for comment.  The new template aligns with the updated risk rating tables included in the Z44 released in February 2018.  It has also been simplified to reflect feedback received from users.  We welcome comments and suggestions for improvement to the risk register template.  Please provide your comments to before 17 August 2018.  All comments and suggestions will be considered before the final template is published.  Minor changes have also been made to the Risk Management Plan (RMP) template to align it with the Z44.

Publication details

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  • Published: February 2018
  • Reference: SM030
  • Version: 5
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  • Also known as: Z/44 Risk management minimum standard