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Research Report 063 Review of instruments for measuring the texture profile of road surfaces

Published: | Category: Activity management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

A complete road profile ranges from large scale topographic features to microscopic asperities on the surface of aggregates. No instrument in present use is capable of measuring the complete road profile. For technical reasons, the profilometric instruments that were available in 1995 can cover only a limited range of wavelengths associated with microtexture (50 mm).

This report catalogues commercially available profilometric instruments, as at 1995, under each of these wavelength ranges and describes their general mode of operation. Where possible, recommendations are provided as to the most appropriate measurement methods for construction control, network survey, and research applications.

Keywords: Macrotexture, measurement, megatexture, microtexture, New Zealand, profilometers, road, road surface, roughness, texture spectrum

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  • Published: 1996
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