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Cycling is a great way to get around and a sport enjoyed by more than a million New Zealanders.

If only three in 100 people took up cycling instead of driving, New Zealand would save more than 1 billion dollars per year! Cycling is the pollution solution that improves your health, increases your productivity at school or work, and enhances the safety of your community.

Every time you ride, you have an opportunity to contribute to a cycle friendly culture. It is important to ride with courtesy and respect for all other cyclists and motorists. Make sure you are visible at all times and clearly show your intentions. Thank other road users when you can. For example, let them know you are happy they waited for you by waving, smiling, or giving them a ‘thumbs up’. This will make sharing the road easier for everyone.

Practise your skills, take care of your bike, follow this code and enjoy a lifetime of cycling through beautiful New Zealand.

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There are three sections in this guide:

This document explains cycle related rules using plain English - for the precise wording of laws you should refer to the various acts, regulations and rules which are in effect. These include:

The law refers to ‘cycles’ which includes bicycles (bikes) and tricycles. In this document the word ‘cycle’ has been used broadly to refer to both bicycles and tricycles. The words ‘bicycle’ (and occasionally ‘bike’) or ‘tricycle’ have also been used to refer to specific types of cycles.

Other available information for cyclists

There is a wealth of information available for cyclists. For information on:

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Last updated: 24 April 2013