When you ride with others, think about other riders in the group and other people around the group. Inexperienced riders or children may need special attention.

When riding with others, follow the road rules by:

  • riding so that no more than two riders stay side-by-side
  • passing other moving riders and motor vehicles on the right, if they are in the same lane as you
  • keeping a safe following distance
  • not staying side-by-side when passing parked or moving vehicles.

Riding single file can also be a good idea on corners, hills and roads with less than 200 metres visibility.

Bunch cycling

Bunch cycling (riding in large groups) is an advanced skill. Find out more about this on the Cycling NZ website.

www.cyclingnewzealand.nz(external link)

Riding with children

Supervise young children carefully when riding with them. If possible, have an adult protect the group from behind. Make sure the group doesn’t get too spread out.