There are some responsibilities you should know about when travelling in other vehicles like cars.


Seatbelts and child restraints protect people by holding them in their seats when there’s a crash or when the vehicle stops suddenly.

The driver is responsible for making sure passengers under 15 are using an approved child restraint or seatbelt. Passengers 15 years and over are responsible for making sure they wear their own seatbelts correctly.


Opening or closing doors

You must not open or close the door of a motor vehicle if it’s likely to:

  • cause a hazard to any road user – including pedestrians, cyclists or other users of a footpath
  • hurt anyone.

Carrying packages

You must ensure that all packages are kept in a secure place like the boot, or put them where no one can get hurt if the vehicle stops suddenly.

Learner or restricted car licence

People that have a learner or restricted car licence have different conditions to a motorcycle learner or restricted licence.

Learner licence conditions

Restricted licence conditions