This page has theory test questions about road positions.

You can use these questions to test yourself, or have a friend or family member test you.
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RP1 When driving on an unlaned road, where should your vehicle be positioned?

Keeping left 

RP2 When turning right from a 2-laned road into a one-way street that has 2 lanes, which lane must you turn into?

A blue car is indicating to turn right into a one-way street with two lanes.

Using lanes correctly 

RP3 What must you do if you intend to move your vehicle from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane?

Using lanes correctly 

RP4 What must you do when turning right at a roundabout?

Giving way at roundabouts 

RP5 What must you do before turning left into a driveway?


RP6 You wish to make a right turn on a narrow country road. There is a vehicle coming towards you and traffic behind you. What is the safest option?