The Minister of Transport has announced changes to the Setting of Speed Limits Rule, and confirmed that work is underway to develop a new Rule. We are taking the appropriate steps to give effect to road safety policies the government announces.

In March 2024, the Minister of Transport confirmed that a new Land Transport Rule for setting speed limits will be released for public consultation in the coming months and signed by the end of the year.

In anticipation of the new Rule, we have paused work on our speed management plans.

As we receive more information on the Rule, we will work through what it means for our speed management activity, including the proposals within the Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan. We will provide updates later this year, after decisions are made.

Until the new Rule comes into force, we will continue to set and review speed limits as required under the current Setting of Speed Limits 2022 Rule, such as for changes to infrastructure, temporary speed limits expiring or new roads opening.

Government changes speed limit rules – media release(external link)

Proposed speed limits in Tāmaki Makaurau

Following our analysis and conversations with partners, interested groups and organisations, we proposed the following new speed limits:

Speed limit map

Map showing locations of proposed speed limit changes in Auckland

View larger map and speed limit tables [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Speed limit tables

  • Other speed limits
    State highway Reference number (refer to map) Location Description Existing speed limit (km/h)
    Proposed new speed limit (km/h)
    1 1 Wellsford north Northern entrance to Wellsford 60 50
    1 2 Warkworth north Northern entrance to Warkworth 80 60
    1 3 Pūhoi to Warkworth mainline 60 End of motorway, for  approach to roundabout - northbound only N/A 60
    1 4 Pūhoi to Warkworth (VSL at north end of motorway) Variable speed limit to allow smart management of traffic to roundabout - northbound only N/A Various (30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 or 100)
    1 5 Warkworth variable speed area - removal Removal of intersection speed zone at Designation Road 80/60* 80
    1 6 Pūhoi northbound off-ramp N/A N/A 80
    1 7 Pūhoi southbound on-ramp N/A N/A 80
    1 8 Pūhoi to Warkworth mainline Warkworth roundabout to north of Johnstone Hill Tunnels N/A 100
    1 9 Albany Station bus ramp N/A 80 50
    1 10 Constellation (18/1 interchange) northbound ramp N/A N/A 80
    1 11 Constellation (18/1 interchange) southbound ramp N/A N/A 80
    16 1 Kaukapakapa 50 North of Henley Road to north of Kahikatea Flat Road 80 50
    16 2 Kaukapakapa south Southern approach to Kaukapakapa from near Inland Rd to near McLennan Farm Rd 100 80
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Approved speed limits

The following speed limits have been approved by the Director of Land Transport. 

Due to the urgency of some speed limits related to specific operational needs, we have progressed the following sections via an alternative process, separately from the Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan. 

View the latest update on the Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan(external link)

State highway  Reference number (refer to map)  Location  Previous  speed limit (km/h) 
New speed limit (km/h)  Effective from 

1 -10

Constellation Drive (interchange) northbound ramp



27 February 2024  


Constellation Drive (interchange) southbound ramp



27 February 2024  

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Consultation on the Interim State Highway Speed Management Plan closed on 12 December 2022. 

View the latest update on this plan