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Project introduction

The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Council are replacing the Old Mangere Bridge to provide the community with a safe, high quality walking and cycling connection between the Onehunga and Mangere Bridge communities.

  • Estimated project cost

    $25 million
  • Project type

    Bridge replacement
  • Project status



To replace the Old Mangere Bridge with a new safer, high quality bridge.





  • The new bridge will ensure the walking and cycling  connection is maintained for the local communities between Onehunga and Mangere Bridge.
  • The new bridge will be safer and will include improved lighting.
  • The new bridge will provide access for recreational fishing in the area.

About the project

The existing bridge is over 100 years old and as expected with a structure this old, the bridge is continuing to deteriorate.  The NZ Transport Agency and Auckland Council have been working closely to replace the old bridge with a safer and high quality bridge that will continue to serve the local communities using it.

Over the years, we've received valuable feedback from the community which has helped to shape the design and layout of the new bridge.

Project timeline

  • 2012 - 2014: Design and community consultation
  • 2016: Consents lodged with Auckland Council
  • Early 2016: Council hearing and appeals process
  • Mid 2016: Consents granted from Auckland Council
  • Construction start on hold.

There is no confirmed start date for this project, with construction put on hold whilst discussions are progressed with Auckland Council and the local community on the future plans for the area as part of the East-West Link project. 

Key features

Some of the key features of the bridge have been refined as a result of community feedback. The bridge design includes:

  • at least 8 metres wide – and up to 12 metres in some bays to enable fishing activities
  • new structure curving towards the motorway bridge
  • high enough for small boats to pass underneath
  • wider span to allow some form of opening for larger boats in the future
  • constructed next to the old bridge using the same abutments – but further away from the port
  • reflecting the area’s history and values into the design – two artists are developing this through art
  • improved lighting,and new railings to improve safety.

Watch a timelapse video

Frequently asked questions

  • Why are you replacing the bridge?

    Currently, we spend a considerable amount of funding each year maintaining the bridge keeping it safe for community use.

    Even with ongoing maintenance however, the bridge, which is over one hundred years old, is deteriorating.  A new bridge will ensure we retain this important community link.

    The replacement bridge project was included as part of the resource consent conditions for the Manukau Harbour Crossing project (duplicate Mangere motorway bridge).

  • And what's happening to the old bridge?

    A report from March 2016 indicted that sections of the current bridge need to be closed off due to the age and condition of the bridge.  To ensure the bridge can continue to be used as a community connection and to look after everyone who uses it, fences have been installed to maintain access for pedestrians and cyclists, and bays have been set up for recreational fishing.

    The bridge is monitored regularly to assess whether any further action is necessary.

  • Why is the replacement bridge not going to be as wide as the current bridge?

    The bridge, built in 1915, accommodated motor vehicles. The old bridge was not built as a pedestrian and cycle bridge as it is currently used. According to today’s design standards, pedestrian and cycle bridges are built to be approximately four metres wide.

    In response to community feedback, the proposed basic width of the new bridge will be eight to ten metres. The new design also allows up to 12 metres width in some sections.  This ensures that all the activities that currently occur on the old bridge – ie walking, cycling and fishing, are safely accommodated on the new bridge. 

  • Will the new bridge have a lifting section?

    A lifting section, ie a drawbridge structure, is not part of the project’s scope.  This is due to the added cost considerations i.e. design, operation and maintenance, and the fact that now, and in the foreseeable future, large vessels do not require access to this section of harbour.

    In the interests of future proofing however, the new bridge’s design will not prevent the possibility of an opening section being retrofitted, should the Auckland Council see the need for this at some point in the future.

  • When will construction start?

    Consents were granted by Auckland Council in 2016.  There is no confirmed start date for this project, with construction put on hold whilst discussions are progressed with Auckland Council and the local community on the future plans for the area as part of the East-West Link project.

    Once a date has been confirmed, it is expected that  construction will take approximately 24 - 27 months to complete.

  • Is rail being considered as part of this project?

    The scope of the Old Mangere Bridge replacement project does not include rail provision at present.  The Old Mangere Bridge is a well-used and treasured community asset for walking, cycling and fishing and we are committed to retaining these activities, uncompromised, in the new bridge.