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What’s being considered?

Following technical assessments and engagement with stakeholders and the wider community, a number of proposed improvements have been identified, including;

  • SH16/18 direct connection: a direct motorway connection between SH16 in the north and SH18 in the east will redirect some customers from the existing local roads to the state highway and support arterial roads to better serve local communities, improve safety by reducing potential conflicts of different transport modes and increase travel time reliability and resilience at intersections.
  • SH16 Northside Drive extension and south facing ramps: will increase accessibility to and from the future business zoned land and potential employment, education and social opportunities available in the north west (particularly for those travelling to and from Westgate, Redhills and southern areas of Whenuapai) and relieve pressure on existing interchanges (Brigham Creek Road, Hobsonville Road and Fred Taylor Drive). The extension will also provide local bus and walking and cycling facilities connecting people to the proposed future rapid transit network.
  • Upgraded interchanges at both SH16 and SH18 ends of Brigham Creek Road: the existing roundabouts are likely to need to be upgraded to interchanges in the long term. The design and layout for the SH16 end of Brigham Creek Road will be influenced by decisions on the alternative SH16 corridor which is part of the Supporting Growth Programme.
  • Squadron Drive west facing ramps: will complement the existing east-facing ramps to create a full interchange and provide greater access for the Hobsonville growth area. This would also reduce traffic volumes and improve public transport reliability on Hobsonville Road by redirecting some customers from the local road to the state highway.
  • Walking and Cycling connections: a shared path is proposed between Squadron Drive and Fred Taylor Drive on the southern side of SH18 and between Gunton Drive and SH16 Brigham Creek Road on the western side of SH16. This will build on the success of the existing Northwestern cycleway and complement and connect with a wider walking and cycling network for the north west area as part of the Supporting Growth programme

Proposed improvements map

SH16/18 Connections proposed improvements map

View larger image [PDF, 98 KB]

What’s been considered when identifying the proposed improvements


Where possible we are trying to remain within the Transport Agency’s existing designation. As more detailed design for the improvements is undertaken we will work with property owners to understand how we may be able to reduce potential impacts.


Our environmental specialists are working with our transport planners and engineers to avoid effects on the environment in the first instance. Our ecology, heritage and coastal processes specialists are also working closely with Mana Whenua to understand cultural values and effects in the area.

Transport planning

People and goods will be travelling within the north west to places of employment including the large areas of future potential commercial land between Whenuapai and Redhills and in Kumeū. People will also be travelling into and out of the area for employment, namely south to Auckland’s city centre and to the east, to the North Shore.

Currently several local roads are relied on to connect to and between SH16 and SH18, including Brigham Creek Road, Fred Taylor Drive, and Hobsonville Road, and the number of people travelling on these roads is predicted to almost double by 2046.

This project seeks to reduce pressure on the local road by providing better access to the state highways.


There are different ways of providing better connections to, across and between SH16 and SH18. The key considerations include:

  • safety for road users
  • accessibility, for vehicles and for cyclists and pedestrians
  • being able to move different types of vehicles, including freight movements.

North-facing ramps at Northside Drive East were considered but are not planned for inclusion due to safety and design standards (they would be too close to SH16 Brigham Creek Road to allow safe merging and cannot be designed to fit alongside the new direct connection between SH16 and SH18).