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Research Report 243 An integrated traffic model for Auckland cities

Published: | Category: Transport demand management , Research programme , Research & reports | Audience: General

This study carried out in 1999–2002, attempted to demonstrate and quantify benefits of an integrated approach to traffic signalisation and management of urban street networks that straddle boundaries of Transit New Zealand and Local Authority jurisdictions.

A methodology based on two traffic simulation computer models, TRANSYT11 and AIMSUN2, was tested. Salient aspects of the methodology are discussed and relevant issues identified.

The methodology was applied to an assessment of the performance of a street network in the Auckland region (Manukau City), New Zealand.

The analysis predicted potential improvements were achievable when one of the traffic management improvement techniques was used. However, because of the large number and complexity of developmental issues, and the incompatibility of the two programs, the methodology was assessed as unsuitable as a practical tool for local road controlling authorities.

Keywords: AIMSUN2, modelling, New Zealand, road, safety, traffic, traffic control, traffic models, TRANSYT11, VISSIM, VISUM

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  • Published: 2003
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