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Research Report 033 Investigation into bitumen heating

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When the New Zealand Bitumen Contractors' Association Inc. (BCA) developed a code of practice: The Safe Handling of Bituminous Materials Used in Roading, which includes safety guidelines for tank heating, research was carried out to verify if the limits used in clauses 3.8.1 and 3.8.4 of the code were in fact appropriate and achievable.

To provide the necessary information, temperature distribution along a typical flame tube were established; the effects of different heating equipment and different operating conditions were determined; and effects of heating/cooling cycles on hardening of the bitumen in a tank were measured, by carring out a testing programme spread over three winters (1991 to 1993).

Keywords: Air-flow, BCA, bitumen, flame shield, flame tube, fuel, heating, insulation, temperature

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  • Published: 1994
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