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Research Report 348 The development of gravel deterioration models for adoption in a New Zealand gravel road management system

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This report provides the outcomes from research based on the Land Transport New Zealand gravel road monitoring programme that commenced during 2002 and included the cooperation of 51 local authorities. These sections were monitored on a sixmonthly basis and all relevant data such as maintenance, rainfall where available and evaporation were incorporated into a national database. This research project included the provision of practical guidelines for the construction and maintenance of gravel roads. In addition, the gravel road data were analysed and outcomes are presented. The resulting models are effective indications of gravel loss on a network scale but further research would be required for more detailed models. This can be achieved by collecting more information on the impact of routine maintenance such as blading.

One of the main outcomes from this research is the addition of a key performance measure that indicates the change in cross profile or shape over time.

Keywords: deterioration modelling, gravel loss, gravel roads, maintenance, maintenance guidelines, shape factor, unsealed roads

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  • Published: June 2008
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