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State highway forecasts

Published: | Category: State highway forecasts , Corporate publications | Audience: Road controlling authorities

Transit NZ previously published an annual State highway plan and forecast, detailing planned state highway maintenance and capital improvements. The forecast set out in detail Transit's programme of work for the current year, the remaining plan years covered by the government's funding guarantee, and a forecast out to 10 years.

The State highway forecast was published by Transit NZ every year and released around the beginning July.

July 2008 was the last time the forecast was published, as Transit NZ and Land Transport NZ merged to form the NZ Transport Agency. State highway activities are now included in Regional Land Transport Plans and will be consulted on regionally.

Publication details

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  • Published: July 2009
  • Reference: 2008/09
  • Conditions: The NZ Transport Agency (NZTA) is a Crown entity established on 1 August 2008 bringing together the functions of Land Transport New Zealand and Transit New Zealand to provide an integrated approach to transport planning funding and delivery.
  • Also known as: SHF