Carrying passengers

You must not carry passengers until you have your full class 6 licence. 

Carrying passengers

Once you have your full class 6 licence, you should wait until you’re an experienced rider before carrying passengers or large loads. The extra weight changes the way the motorcycle handles, the way it balances, the way it turns, the way it speeds up and the way it slows down.


Although motorcycles aren’t really designed to carry goods, small loads can be carried safely if they’re properly positioned and fastened.

Keep the load low

Secure loads to the seat or put them in saddlebags or tank bags. Don’t put heavy loads high up or near the back of the motorcycle, particularly on light motorcycles. This will change the centre of gravity and affect the balance.

Keep the load central

Putting a load too far back or forward will affect the stability of the motorcycle. You shouldn’t have the load behind the back wheel or at the front of the motorcycle, and never on the handlebars.

Distribute the load evenly

If you have saddlebags, make sure the weight in each one is about the same. An uneven load can cause the motorcycle to pull to one side or wobble.

Secure the load

Fasten the load securely with elastic cords or ropes. A loose load may cause the motorcycle to be unstable on rough roads or while cornering. An insecure load can catch in the wheel or chain. If this happens, the rear wheel may lock up and the motorcycle may skid.

Check the load

Check the load every so often when you’re stopped. Make sure it hasn’t worked loose or moved.