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Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) services update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all of our offices are closed to the public. More information on our services

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Key result area guidelines

The network outcome contract (NOC) specifies the key results areas (KRA) and key performance indicators (KPI) to be measured to evaluate the overall performance of the Contractor.

New NOC Contracts (NOC 2018)

An updated KRA guideline [PDF, 719 KB] applies for NOC Contracts commencing after 1 January 2018.

Existing NOC Contracts (pre-2018)

The pre-existing guideline [PDF, 1.8 MB]scoring template [XLSX, 23 KB] and reporting template [XLSX, 108 KB], along with the amendments listed below, support the framework for assessing a Contractors’ performance against the key performance indicators in NOCs established before 2018. Using the framework described in the guideline allows all the parties to these contracts to measure their performance consistently and accurately.

Amendments to the pre-2018 version of the guideline

Amendment Date issued
Amendment relating to programme delivery (KPI 6.1.2) [PDF, 311 KB] 7th March 2018
Amendment to environmental triangle (KPI 4.1.1) [PDF, 264 KB] 24th May 2018
Amendment relating to loss of control in darkness (KPI 2.1.2) [PDF, 155 KB] 7th Nov 2019

Highway incident management protocol memorandum of understanding

The purpose of the memorandum of understanding is to ensure the Transport Agency and Emergency Services have a common operational protocol to deal with incidents on the highway to ensure the effective and efficient resolution of incidents.

Emergency procedures and preparedness plan (EPPP) template

The Transport Agency recognises the need to provide a consistent approach to managing incidents across our network and the importance of our contractors response during these events. 

The template [DOCX, 12 MB] defines the roles, practices and procedures in preparation for and during an incident response and should be completed in collaboration with our NOC teams. 

There's more information available about the NZ Transport Agency approach to resilience

State highway network outcomes contract visual audit guideline

The guideline provides guidance on interpretation of the operational performance measures (OPM) within the network outcome contract and describes how these should be assessed in the field.

Specification for design, construction and maintenance of cycling and shared path facilities

This specification details the Transport Agency’s requirements for the design, construction and maintenance of cycling and shared path facilities on the state highway network.

Winter services requirements

The Winter service requirements [PDF, 345 KB] details the operational requirements in place in order to deliver the required level of service within those areas where winter weather conditions have an impact on the operation of the network.

Z series

The following Z series are referenced within the NOCs:

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