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Making walking a safer and more attractive transport choice is a key priority for the Transport Agency.

View research on walking experiences and the network for walking and footpath users in New Zealand.

Walking research

  • Providing for walking

    The NZ Transport Agency commissioned Abley to conduct research into how well New Zealand is providing for walking, with a particular focus on existing guidance and policy.

    The research indicated that overall, New Zealand is well placed in terms of the strategic direction, policy and planning and design guidance, however there are some improvements that can be made into the funding processes and translating guidance into good practice.

    The Transport Agency is developing a programme of work to review and implement the report’s recommendations.

    View research report [PDF, 4.3 MB]
    View research summary presentation [PDF, 1.9 MB]

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  • Pedestrian experience and barriers

    The question of pedestrian experience is an important one, as it can help to shape the streets in a way that will encourage more people to enjoy them as pedestrians.

    The purpose of this literature review is to bring together a disparate literature on pedestrians to consider: who walks, why (and why not) they walk, where they walk, and their attitudes and beliefs to walking. Most importantly, this review will consider how these different facets shape their experience as pedestrians.

    Inconsistencies in the literature and research gaps are also highlighted in this review.

    View literature review [PDF, 1.2 MB]

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Walking research reports

Research conducted by the NZ Transport Agency:

  • RR 440 – Reducing pedestrian delay at traffic signals

    This research used techniques such as pedestrian attitude surveys, micro-simulation modelling and a literature review of international best practice to identify methods of reducing pedestrian delay at signalised intersections in these cities. The recommendations developed during the course of the research provide both technical and policy mechanisms for improving pedestrian delay in New Zealand's central-city areas.

    View the research report

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