CoPTTM notices

Waka Kotahi CoPTTM notices are formal memos that support the code by sharing details of the technical changes and instructions for applying the Code of Practice.

CoPTTM notices are issued for any interim changes to the CoPTTM. Each CoPTTM notice includes a date when it comes into effect.

When CoPTTM is updated, these interim changes are incorporated into the CoPTTM manual.

The following are all issued under the 4th edition of the CoPTTM.

CoPTTM notices Date

Implementation of stage 1 of Training & Competency Model [PDF, 899 KB]

Introduction of categories of road environment; renaming of the STMS role; amendments to responsibilities of a TC and STMS; introduction of additional roles; amendments to requirements for shoulder and roadside activities; clarification to which TTM signs can be placed in a cycle lane; amendments to requirements for inspection type activities.

24 March 2021

Truck (or trailer) mounted attenuator (TMA) [PDF, 219 KB]

Extension to application date

10 Dec 2020

Multiple changes [PDF, 277 KB]

Procedure for requesting approval for a new traffic control device; Changes to the full TMP; Changes to the On-site record; Amendments to A7.9 Engineering exception decisions

1 Jul 2020

Section B changes [PDF, 655 KB]

Changes to B1 Signs, B2 Delineation devices, B3 High visibility garments, B4 Logos, names and trademarks

1 Jul 2020

Portable traffic lights [PDF, 121 KB]

Non-approved countdown timers in use on Portable Traffic Lights

17 Jan 2020

ROPE applications [PDF, 127 KB]

Changes to the ROPE application process

20 Dec 2019
Introduction of TTM planner warrant [PDF, 129 KB] 9 Dec 2019

Revised requirements for delineation devices [PDF, 577 KB]

Harmonisation with AS/NZS 1906.1:2017

24 Jun 2019

Interim requirements for TTM on state highways [PDF, 169 KB]

TTM requirements for controlling risks when working on state highway

16 Apr 2019

Interim requirements state highways [PDF, 3.4 MB]

Advisory note

16 Apr 2019
Checking process for TMPs [DOC, 87 KB] 16 Apr 2019

Truck (or trailer) mounted attenuator (TMA) and rear underrun protection devices (RUPDs) [PDF, 198 KB]

Mar 2019
Site traffic management supervisor (STMS) panels on STMS garment [PDF, 285 KB] Feb 2019
Changes to recognition of previous experience (ROPE) (superseded) [PDF, 40 KB] Oct 2016
ROPE form master (superseded) [XLSX, 25 KB] Oct 2016

Portable traffic signals (superseded) [PDF, 54 KB]
Now included in Section I-19: Register of TTM equipment

Aug 2017
Level 2 low speed (2LS) [PDF, 387 KB] Jun 2016
Information on Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA) 2015 [PDF, 295 KB] 1 Mar 2016

Specification and approval for portable signals [PDF, 41 KB]

Nov 2015
TMA national register (superseded) [DOCX, 55 KB]
Now included in Specification M23 Appendix C
Nov 2014

Other technical notices

More TTM technical notices can be found in the Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency resources section.

Technical advice notes

Overview of changes to the CoPTTM website

Title Date

Overview of changes to CoPTTM Feb 2019 [PDF, 120 KB]

Changes to the system for future notifications of CoPTTM updates

Feb 2019
Overview of changes to CoPTTM Nov 2018 [PDF, 127 KB] Nov 2018

Overview of changes to CoPTTM July 2018 [PDF, 57 KB]

CGG minutes; TMA and Light arrow; DRAFT VMS standards

Sep 2018
TTM Conference presentations added to website May 2018 [PDF, 24 KB] May 2018

Overview of further changes to CoPTTM February 2018 [PDF, 30 KB]

Change to Land Transport Rule; Revised TSL decision matrix

Feb 2018

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM February 2018 [PDF, 39 KB]

Register to receive notification of changes to CoPTTM and updates on topics of interest

Feb 2018

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM January 2018 [PDF, 37 KB]

CCG minutes; CCG priority project plans; Proposed Training and
Competency Model; Register of TTM equipment and portable traffic signals

Jan 2018

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM September 2017 [PDF, 40 KB]

High visibility garments; TTM Safety Audit/Review Procedures; SCR form; Section I:21 Audit resources

Sep 2017

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM August 2017 [PDF, 33 KB]

Documents added: CGG minutes, TTM trainers and assessors, Candidate Guide for L2/3 assessment, Portable traffic signals technical note

Aug 2017

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM April 2017 [PDF, 24 KB]

Register of new TTM equipment

Apr 2017

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM March 2017 [PDF, 199 KB]

Amendments section; New section I-15 NZ Fire Service; Revised forms

Mar 2017

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM October 2016 [PDF, 47 KB]

Documents added to website; Improving visibility of manual traffic controller’s trial; P37 Specification for mobile VMS; TTM at events; Standard TMP forWaterview tunnel

Oct 2016

Overview of recent changes to CoPTTM June 2016 [PDF, 31 KB]

HSWA, forms, CoPTTM incident report, level 2 low speed, guidelines for bus stops affected by worksites

Jun 2016