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Find out the achievements and key milestones the team have met in delivering the ONRC.

  • 2014
    September 2014 NZ Transport Agency publishes a draft Investment Assessment Framework to give effect to changes signalled in the draft Government Policy Statement on Land Transport 2015-2025 (GPS 2015).
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  • 2013
    December 2013

    National Customer Levels of Service established for roading networks (CLoS). Roads are expected to be maintained to the CLoS prescribed for each road class. The CLoS are:

    • Safety
    • Resilience
    • Amenity
    • Accessibility
    • Travel time reliability.
    New national road classification system developed – the One Network Road Classification (ONRC).
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  • 2012
    October 2012 Road Efficiency Group established to implement RMTF recommendations.
    RMTF report and recommendations.
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