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The roading procurement and transport provision sector in New Zealand is experiencing its greatest change in modern history as it transitions towards new and efficient models of low carbon, mode integration and technological assistance.

This is a huge challenge for the RCA sector, which has previously been asset focused and mandated to procure roading and its renewals as efficiently as possible rather than considering the entire system of transport in the integrated way that is now required. The sector itself is in transition as it refocuses its attention towards customer needs and outcomes in a new, 21st Century environment.

A new Government Policy Statement (GPS) indicates a steeper change graph that requires the sector to adapt further and faster. This means building on the culture shift that is already underway, further adaptation of old business models, greater understanding of changing and new systems and priorities, and related procurement changes. The sector needs to shift rapidly from optimisation and efficiency towards new ways of thinking about and delivering a modern, high tech, low impact, integrated network that achieves the desired outcomes and serves the customers.

Government Policy Statement on land transport (GPS)(external link)

Transport investments have long lead times, high costs, and leave long legacies. Good transport investment therefore requires careful planning that allows for uncertainties but ensures that today’s transport network can meet future needs. This is particularly difficult in times of rapid change and RCAs need ongoing support as new systems that meet these planning necessities are embedded.