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Incorporating ONRC into asset management planning

This case study provides an example of how a rural district council has initially applied the One Network Road Classification (ONRC) customer levels of service and performance Framework. It outlines the challenges that have been encountered, and how these will be addressed for the 2018 AMP.

Strategic decision making tool for transport asset renewals

AT has developed a “Strategic Decision Making Tool for Asset Renewals”. Initial outputs from this tool are being used, with other considerations, to develop the 2015 Long Term Plan (LTP).

Improved option selection

The Highway and Network Operations Group has found it beneficial to supplement traditional Net Present Value analysis by requiring that at least three options are analysed (the do-maintenance, do-something (or do-intermediate treatment), and do-rehabilitation) and that an Economic Indicator which reflects cash flow differences between optional programmes is derived.

RIMS risk guide implementation

The RIMS Group produced Best Practice Guidelines for Risk Management on Road Networks in April 2012. The document was distributed as a component of the Book Of Knowledge during 2012/13. Waipa District Council undertook to implement the guidelines within their Activity Management Plan review process in early 2014 to assess the appropriateness and usefulness of the guidelines.

Forward works programme optimisation

This case study discusses the processes that can be adopted to develop an optimised forward works programme for pavement and surfacing renewals, and the tools and methodologies that are available to achieve this.

Bridge management framework

This case study will assist roading managers seeking to better understand the critical bridge vulnerabilities on their network and those looking to make better value bridge investments on low volume transport systems through improved, and less subjective, multi-criteria based assessments and analytical methods.

RIMs traffic counting guidelines

Robust traffic data required to develop credible works programmes and funding applications can be best provided by implementing the RIMs Traffic Counting Guidelines and RAMM Traffic Counting Module.

NZ Transport Agency programme review process

This case study outlines the process that the NZ Transport Agency undertakes on an annual basis to review the appropriateness of the upcoming pavement surfacing and drainage renewal programme.

Auckland Transport street lighting review

The Transport Agency’s Review and Prioritisation Team (RAPT) process is in the closing stage of renewals programme development before the resurfacing and rehabilitation proposals are committed to contract.

Travel time reliability – Christchurch Transport Operations Centre

This case study reviews what has been achieved by the Christchurch Transport Operations Centre (CTOC) in a particularly challenging environment following the Christchurch Earthquakes of September 2010 and February 2011, and the subsequent travel disruption from post-earthquake rebuilding activities.

Western Bay of Plenty: local road maintenance

Western Bay of Plenty: local road maintenance specifications

Western Bay of Plenty: appendices

Western Bay of Plenty: appendices

NZ Transport Agency Network Outcome Contract: pro forma maintenance contract

This is the Manual Management Plan for the State Highway Maintenance Contract Proforma Manual.

NZ Transport Agency Network Outcome Contract: visual intervention guideline

This guideline has been developed to support the Levels of Service for Maintenance and Operations developed by the NZ Transport Agency for the state highway network throughout New Zealand.

Hamilton City Council: transportation corridor maintenance and renewa

The vision is to make Hamilton a smart city in every way and everything we do.