Transport Investment Online (TIO) learning and guidance

Transport Investment Online (TIO) is the web-based system Waka Kotahi and our investment partners use to capture and manage all activities for inclusion in the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP).

This page provides guidance for people who need to use TIO, including:

  • introductory videos
  • user guides to help you complete specific tasks
  • video recordings of TIO drop-in sessions
  • specific information for Waka Kotahi projects
  • further information and support.

Introductory videos

Watch these short videos for a high-level introduction to what TIO is and how to use it, and the land transport investment lifecycle.

Introducing Transport Investment Online (TIO)

Learn about TIO, including what it is, who uses it, and why.

The investment lifecycle

Learn about the three-year land transport investment lifecycle and the how decision making around potential transport investments works at a high level.

TIO user guides

These user guides will help you complete specific tasks in TIO. They are supplementary to the help text within TIO, which guides you on what to enter into each field. 

Guides for entering activities and programmes for the 2024–27 NLTP

Guides for ongoing management of your activities in TIO

User guides for routine tasks in TIO, such as claims and end-of-year returns, are available within the TIO system at the bottom of every page.

Guides for past NLTPs

TIO guides for the 2021–24 NLTP

Drop-in sessions for 2024–27 NLTP

Our drop-in sessions introduced users to specific aspects of using TIO to develop their activities and programmes for the 2024–27 NLTP. These video recordings include an introduction, a step-through of the relevant template, and questions and answers.

Maintenance, operations and renewals

Introduction to and a step-through of the maintenance, operations, and renewals (MOR) template for the 2024–27 NLTP. (15 August 2023.)

Road safety promotion

Introduces the road safety promotion (RSP) template for the 2024–27 NLTP. (17 August 2023.)

Activity management plans

Introduces the activity management plan (AMP) template for the 2024–27 NLTP, which is also used for regional public transport plans (RPTP). (18 August 2023.)

Public transport continuous programmes

Introduces the public transport continuous programmes template for the 2024–27 NLTP. (21 August 2023.)

Low-cost, low risk programmes

Introduces the low-cost, low risk (LCLR) template for the 2024–27 NLTP. (12 September 2023.)


Introduces the improvements template for the 2024–27 NLTP. (15 September 2023.)


Introduces the geospatial module and requirements for the 2024–27 NLTP. (18 September 2023.)

Geospatial module functionality

This video of an online session from 2021 introduces how to enter the required information into the geospatial module in TIO. Note that the requirements for LCLR have changed for the 2024–27 NLTP from what is discussed in this video.

Benefits and measures

Introduces the benefit and measure requirements for the 2024–27 NLTP. (18 September 2023.)

Information for Waka Kotahi users

If you’re creating or updating a Waka Kotahi project that will be submitted for the NLTP, the initial project set-up starts in SAP PPM (systems, applications and products portfolio and project management). Once the project is created in SAP PPM, the project will automatically (overnight) be created as well in TIO as SAP and TIO are connected via the interface between the two systems.

Once a project is added in TIO some additional fields need to be completed before funding can be approved. These fields aren’t included in SAP and focus on economic costs and benefits, and the assessment of the project against our priorities. TIO is also where you attach supporting documentation as you go through the project life cycle. 

Forecasting and accruals for Waka Kotahi projects also take place in SAP PPM. Invoice approval and processing take place in AIP.

SAP user guides are available on the Highways Information Portal. 

SAP portfolio and project management

Related information

TIO is used throughout the NLTP investment lifecycle. Find out more about the NLTP and related processes and information on our website at the following links:

Contact and support

If the guidance on this page doesn’t answer your TIO question, or you need more help: