This page relates to the 2021-24 National Land Transport Programme.


This section provides information about how approved organisations and Waka Kotahi (for its own activities) manage their individual programmes and activities once the National Land Transport Programme (NLTP) has been adopted.

Further information about each of the topics below is available on the pages within this section.

Updating transport programmes

To be considered for funding, all activities must be included in the current NLTP. However, after the NLTP has been adopted approved organisations and Waka Kotahi (for their own activities) can make a variation request to us (Waka Kotahi as investor) for activities to be added or removed from the NLTP.

Developing programmes

Funding approval

In order for funding to be approved, we require approved organisations and Waka Kotahi (for its own activities) to complete all mandatory fields in Transport Investment Online (TIO), to demonstrate legislative, consultation and assessment requirements have been met.

Sometimes conditions will be applied to funding approval, which must be fulfilled either before funding is released or within a specified timeframe.

Developing proposals

All investment proposals for funding from the National Land Transport Fund (NLTF) or through the NLTP must be developed using the principles of the Business Case Approach (BCA). For improvement activities this will be through developing a business case, while for continuous programmes this will be through supporting documentation such as an activity management plan or road safety action plan.

Business Case Approach guidance

When developing proposals, incremental assessment should be used to assess differences in cost–benefit appraisal:

•           between among mutually exclusive investment options, and

•           for scope changes.

Peer reviews, following our requirements, must be completed for improvement activity business cases with estimated whole-of-life costs over $15 million or where a significant level of risk is involved.

Peer review of proposals

Assessment and endorsement

We (Waka Kotahi as investor) assess business cases at each phase in the business case process. We endorse programme business cases in full or in part to indicate that the proposal is strategically aligned; however, endorsement does not commit us to investing.

End-of-year and end-of-NLTP processing

When allocated funds are unspent at the end of a financial year, they can generally be carried over within the 3-year NLTP period, with a cashflow or cost–scope adjustment made via the reviews module in TIO.

Unspent allocation may be carried over to the next NLTP period for specific types of activities, such as most improvements, while unspent allocation for other programmes and activities must be surplused.

End-of-year and end-of-NLTP processing

Claiming funding assistance

Approved organisations claim allocated funds through the claims module in TIO. We will undertake periodic audits of claims.

Claiming via Transport Investment Online – processes and rules

Process diagrams

Detailed process diagrams for NLTP management are available on our website.

Process diagrams for National Land Transport Programme management