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Winter tyres

Category: Safe driving , Leaflets & brochures | Audience: Motorists

This leaflet gives advice to vehicle owners who have winter tyres fitted to their vehicles.

MR1B Application to license motor vehicle

Category: Vehicle licensing , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Use this form to relicense your vehicle for 1 to 12 months.

DL22 Application to rebook a driver licence test

Category: Driver licensing , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Use this form if you’ve completed an application for a driver licence or endorsement and need to sit or resit your test.

Sustainable urban mobility benchmarking

Category: Guidance for specialists , Research & reports | Audiences: Communities, Local & regional government, Motorists, Road controlling authorities, Walkers & cyclists

This report outlines how our urban centres compare on their journeys toward delivering a low carbon, safe and healthy urban mobility environment.

Rightcar for vehicle safety and environmental ratings

Category: Vehicle choices , Leaflets & brochures | Audiences: General, Importers, Motorists, Vehicle traders

If you’re trading vehicles or have customers who may be interested in buying a vehicle you can display this poster.

Vehicle certification complaints form (VCCPF01)

Category: Vehicle certification , Forms | Audience: Motorists

Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency is responsible for ensuring that vehicle inspection and certification is carried out in accordance with the Vehicle inspection requirements manual (VIRM) and Land Transport Rules.

Spray and wind buffeting from heavy vehichles: a literature review

Category: Research & reports | Audience: Motorists

The splash, spray, and turbulence generated by heavy vehicles (HVs) are of considerable concern to other road users.

Driving offences and penalties: disqualifications and suspensions (Factsheet 55)

Category: Enforcement , Factsheets | Audience: Motorists

This factsheet outlines some of the traffic enforcement measures used to help make our roads safer.