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Pedestrian planning and design guide

Category: Walking & cycling , Planning, design, funding, building, maintenance of the transport network , Guidance for specialists | Audiences: Road traffic engineers & consultants, Walkers & cyclists

The Pedestrian planning and design guide published in 2009, was New Zealand's first comprehensive official guide to planning and design for walking.

Cycle touring and bike-packing survey 2018

Category: User surveys , Statistics & surveys | Audiences: General, Walkers & cyclists

The NZ Transport Agency conducted an survey in 2018 to understand the experiences of people cycle touring in New Zealand.

Research Report 660 Factors affecting cycling levels of service

Category: Inclusive access , Research programme , Research & reports | Audiences: General, Walkers & cyclists

This report examines cyclists’ perceptions of cycle infrastructure levels of service and proposes an assessment methodology for evaluating the level of service provided by cycling facilities.

Safety tips for cyclists and bus and truck drivers

Category: Cycles , Driver safety , Road user safety , Factsheets | Audiences: General, Heavy vehicle operators, Motorists, Walkers & cyclists

This leaflet provides practical advice on how people riding bikes or driving a truck or bus can safely share the road together.

Sustainable urban mobility benchmarking

Category: Guidance for specialists , Research & reports | Audiences: Communities, Local & regional government, Motorists, Road controlling authorities, Walkers & cyclists

This report outlines how our urban centres compare on their journeys toward delivering a low carbon, safe and healthy urban mobility environment.

Research Report 621 Regulations and safety for electric bicycles and other low-powered vehicles

Category: Safety, security and public health , Research programme , Research & reports | Audiences: General, Motorists, Walkers & cyclists

This research report presents a review of overseas legislation, technology trends, market and safety analyses for low-powered, low-speed vehicles.

Research Report 606 Towards a safe system for cycling

Category: Safety, security and public health , Research programme , Research & reports | Audiences: Advice and assistance, General, Walkers & cyclists

Making urban cycling a safer and more attractive transport choice is now a NZ Transport Agency strategic priority.

Biking in our towns and cities

Category: Leaflets & brochures | Audiences: Advice and assistance, Communities, Course providers, General, Walkers & cyclists

This flyer takes you through some useful skills for riding your bike in towns and cities.

Review of Wellington City Council's Urban Cycleways Programme

Category: Review reports , Research & reports | Audiences: General, Walkers & cyclists

This review was commissioned by the NZ Transport Agency as part of its responsibility of managing and supporting the successful delivery of the Urban Cycleways Programme on behalf of the Government.

Cyclist skills training newsletters

Category: Cyclist skills training , Newsletters , Corporate publications | Audiences: General, Walkers & cyclists

A series of newsletters to update progress on the development of cyclist skills training in New Zealand.